'r products Design Methodology & Process

The Research Phase

To create a functional product it is important to analyse how the users will handle the product. Therefore it is important to analyse the product ergonomics during the life cycle of the product.

Possible services may include:

  Analyse Customer's Situation

  Current product analysis

  Competitive Product Analysis

  End User Analysis

  Product Ergonomics & Human Factors Analysis


The end result of the research phase will contain product requirement documentation (Design Criteria) which will be the base for the idea generation phase.

The Idea Generation Phase

'r products specializes in new ideas and developing innovative solutions. With imagination and manufacturing knowledge, we will produce concepts that will accomplish your goals while outperforming your competitors.

This phase involves synthesizing the research phase conclusions and translating the vision of a new product, yet to be developed, into concrete ideas.

Possible services may include:


  Explore Design & Technical Possibilities

  Select Technologies

  Creating A Look & Feel

  Building Mock-Up(s)


The end result of the idea generation phase will be sketches (2D and 3D) of concrete ideas.

The Conceptual Development Phase

During this phase prototyping and 0-series production will be used to create a feasible concept.

The Conceptual development phase is the phase when potential solutions are conceived and developed, based upon the previously generated ideas and the information we gathered during the research phase.

Possible services may include:

  Generating Concepts

  Building Prototypes

  Test Functional Prototypes To Verify Specifications

  Initiate User Testing

  Refine & Validate Concept

  Patent(s) Consideration


The end result of the conceptual development phase will be documentation of a feasible concept(s), costs and specifications.

The Product Development – Engineering Phase

In the product development phase 'r products will integrate conceptual design with production realities.

'r products will investigate a variety of manufacturing processes and determine what effect each would have on the final function, form, and cost. Manufacturers and other vendors will be brought into the development process to assure a smooth and quick transition to production.

Possible services may include:

  Manufacturing Engineering

  Engineering Test & Analysis

  Optimize Design, Assembly And Manufacturing

  Evaluate & Finalize Product Design

  Assembly Drawings

  Bills Of Materials

  Manuals & Illustrations

  Prepare All Specifications For Production

  Product & Manufacturing Documentation

  Supplier Soucing & Management

The Production Support Phase

'r products is able to provide expert advice concerning the selection of suppliers, mould making support and the assessment of the first prototype samples.

Possible services may include:

  Production Design Support

  Production Launch Support

  After Sales Service (Renderings)

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